About Us

Mark Hospitality adds to the industry a new set of experts in hotel management in the Middle Eastern region. The panel of hospitality professionals brings on-board extensive experience of operating wide range of hotels & resorts across Middle East, as part of international brands in the region and as senior leaders representing the interests of owners and investors.

“We don’t wait for an opportunity, We create it”

Our Story

With passion for the Hospitality Industry and the continued growth in the Market, we searched for the main criteria that we need to be a successful “Smart Hospitality Company”, so a group of professionals teamed up together to form the success criteria;

We are Professional Hoteliers, Consultants, Advisers and Service providers who possess full knowledge and experience of the Middle East Hospitality Market.

We can

  • Provide personalized attention to each property and to every single details in the Hotel operation.

  • Guarantee best margins of profits.

  • Contribute highly to the success of the Hospitality Market over many years of service.

“the best view comes after the hardest climb”

Our Aim

  • To establish,

  • A genuine long term relationship with you as Owners and Investors, with flexible short-term agreements of engagements offering necessary directions and supervisions of the projects at ts different stages of progress.

  • Utilize our decades of expertise in the industry to look after your interests with utmost integrity, maintaining international industry standards at all levels of operation.

  • create a win-win situation to all stake-holders, by optimizing all aspects of operations

  • Offer a trustworthy center of solutions to operate your businesses with maximum result generation at all levels, building a brand of its own with service experiences excelling international brands.

As an insider from the industry, we empathize with your desire as an Owner to have a less manipulative, transparent and genuine business management on your behalf:

  • with maximum resources utilization

  • maximum revenue generation with minimum cost of operation

  • efficient management and maintenance of assets, and

  • close monitoring of all key thresholds of operations

Eventually, our intervention will help us build for you a brand of its own, with great quality of assets and service, and less outflow of revenue in forms of exorbitant management fees etc.

“we don’t grow when things are easy, we grow when we face CHALLENGES”

Our Promise

Technology is improving every day, with

  • Wide spread fast connectivity

  • Online collaboration tools

  • Cloud based software’s

  • and Mobile devices

    The Mark Hospitality Corporate Team, well equipped with management best practices and techniques, each in his area of long experience and professionalism are just within a click on your smart phone, will have their hands on  your Hotel operation 24/7.

    “Your Team will hum like a well-oiled machine”

Our Vision

Be the most reputed, trusted and desired Middle Eastern Hospitality Solutions Company that deliver excellent professional quality services with International Standards and Principles.


“you only fail when you stop trying”

Our Mission

Deliver our promises promptly

United Individuals


Have simple process delivering classic results


“you have been assigned this MOUNTAIN to show others it can be moved”