We provide a wide range of professional services that covers each area of a Hotel operation,

Our services can be provided as a full package or tailor made to need based on Owners wishes.

Our Services Cover

  • Owner Representation – Project Development

  • Hospitality Technical & Advisory Services

  •  Project Development – Initial Project Study

  •  Project Development – Design

  •  Project Development – Project Management

  •  Project Development – Specialized Technical Services

  •  Operator Selection

  • Owner Representation – Hotel pre-Opening

Please download our Brochure for full description of our Services.: Hospitality Technical and Advisory Services Brochure


Our Team extended services in all areas of the Hotel operation and will provide the below services:

  • Human Resources\Training and Development

  • Quality Assurance

  • Recruitment

  • Revenue Management

  • Financial Services

  • IT Technical Consultancy

  • Food & Beverage Consultancy

  • Procurement – Consultancy & Procurement Services

There is always room for our consultancy services, please write to us at :