Is a group of tech professionals coming from various backgrounds in the fields of IT services, software engineering and digital marketing. Our mission is to help companies and organizations to transform their work through the use of software and online services.

Creative Design

Having a ubiquitous and harmonic design across the entire array of your company’s products and services will go a long way toward creating a close relationship with your customers and target audience. A seamless brand will make sure you create a memorable impression and cause long-lasting impact in the minds of visitors.

At Comelite, we believe in a holistic and A-Z approach to branding and design, so when you enroll in our design services, we will make sure that your entire brand presence – both online and print – enjoys from coherence and consistency.

Website Design

Website is an integral part of online business. Website design is a shifting landscape and you need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in order to generate satisfaction and engagement in your audience. We create bespoke websites that conform to yearly design guidelines and recommendations both from a technical and visual perspective. Here are some of the characteristics you can expect from our websites:

  •   Responsive design: Your website will be viewable on all sorts of devices, including desktop workstations, laptop computers, smartphones and tablets
    •   Fast loading: Visitors will not be delayed when browsing to your site, which will greatly improve satisfaction and retention, and will decrease drop-off rates
    •   Modern design: We’re constantly monitoring the web for alterations in design preferences and will offer you samples and templates that will make sure your website is in line with current trends

Logo DEsign & Branding

Your brand is your identity. Your logo, choice of font, colors and shapes are what your customers will remember you by. It is important to have brand elements that can be deployed and displayed in different settings and environments without breaking the general design. We will make sure your brand is unique while at the same time represents you across all of your publications on the web and in print.

VIDEO Production

With broadband internet connections becoming commonplace across the world, users are viewing more and more video content, both on desktop and mobile devices. Having an attractive video to present your brand and services is a very effective tool to introduce yourself to your potential clients. Comelite has an experience team of video production specialist that can help you bring the best out the best your company has to offer. Here are some of our more notable services:

  •  Promo videos
    •    Web and TV commercials
    •    Whiteboard concept presentations
    •    Product instructions